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Services We Offered
KOLKATA BUS BRANDING - LET US TALK SIMPLE - USP of KOLKATA FULL BODY BUS BRANDING is its cost effective factor. Fact is this, Bus Branding activities has virtually out classed other comparative medias because of its satisfactory response from the people against very nominal cost. The full branded buses carry your message through such points of city where a general out door activities might cost even more than 10 times. Branded buses are as good as mobile hoardings without any movement restrictions. You could imagine, when such a big body, covering about 280 sq ft branded area, moves along all the main roads and important junctions of the City, creates immense impression on the passers-bys from all walks of life.
OUTSTATION BUS BRANDING - THIS SPEAKS VERY LOUDLY - DISTRICT FULL BODY BUS BRANDING FOR EAST ZONE STATES (WEST BENGAL, BIHAR, JHARKHAND, ORISSA, ASSAM & NEF STATES) is probably the best option to reach vast rural and semi-urban markets mostly remaining unexplored are targeted in this activity. Although the markets having good buying potential remain normally out of media reach. Here buses with almost 280 sq ft covered area, move along every corners of the country and VIRTUALLY BRIDGES WIDE COMMUNICATTION GAP. To reach the buyers, we provide districtwise bus routes which enable the advertisers to make market plan and strategy even more perfectly. Here also the USP factor works very strongly. Cost is very nominal in comparison to return. HARDLY, THERE IS ANY MEDIA OTHER THAN BUS BRANDING WHICH SPEAKS SO LOUDLY.
AUTO BRANDING - A highly effective and most economy media for any product, any service, any business – this is our observation backed by more than 40 years experience in this field. The autos move through broad roads, small roads, lanes and by lanes. Virtually it is present and available almost everywhere. We brand autos with vinyl pasting which contains client’s artwork / message in WEST BENGAL, BIHAR, JHARKHAND, ORISSA, ASSAM AND NEF STATES. Fact is this, its frequent movement right from dawn till late night makes it most visible mobile object compared to any other media. Since the people go very close to the autos, gets closer view to observe the message in details. When a swarm of branded autos move through streets, this is magnificent, eye catching and splendid scenario. Which makes a lasting impression on passersby. AUTO BRANDING ACTIVITIES MUST GET A SPECIAL PLACE IN YOUR PLAN AND BUDGET.
HOARDINGS - Hoardings, both lit and non lit in different sizes are available in all the important places of the state. Through our own network, we carry out this activity in Kolkata, Rest of Bengal and Assam. We have contracts with more than 3000 hoardings.
MOBILE VAN BRANDING - This is a highly result oriented activity. In this activity a vehicle, specially branded with your products / services, moves along the roads even lanes and bye lanes. This TABLO draws very good attention from the people around. You may use this van to distribute your product samples, leaflets, gifts etc. Sales of your products also could be done on the spot from the vehicle. These are normally lit with speakers. Short time shows could be organised using promoters from top of the vehicle keeping the same stranded in a particular spot or in mobility also. There has always been a tremendous attraction from all walks of life whenever such shows take place. This is a method to touch your customer base directly.
GLOW SIGN BOARD - Glow Sign boards are displayed mainly with an objective to pull customers. Naturally, this should be attractive. These are done according to available spaces of the respective outlets. Due to fast advancement of science and technology, new techniques and devices are being used, which gives your product / service an extra impact to your buyers. We always keep these in mind and use the latest devices with the help of specialist technician in our own workshop to deliver the same.
IN SHOP BRANDING - This is a highly specialised job which demands expert hand and creative mind. Actually, In Shop branding is an art by which you tell your customers about your products, specifically and categorically – more than a sales man can explain present in the shop. The buyers get a primary and strong impression of the products immediately after entering the shop / showroom. In shop branding could be considered as a final tool for selling your products
VEND GATE – This is a gate like structure temporarily used widely for promotion and publicity of products and services. It could be erected across the street – traffic moves under the gates. In small size, it could be placed in front of the shops. Clients use these gates to promote or introduce their products. We do this right from production to installation.
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